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Every volunteer in Mid Glamorgan is valued, and we want to help you to gain the skills and experience to deliver the best possible programme to the young people of Mid Glamorgan, this programme needs to be fun, exciting, adventurous and challenging, but more importantly safe. We will ensure that you gain the skills to deliver everything from a game to an expedition, from a themed night to a residential week away under canvas for your young people. Our training scheme is flexible, and designed to meet your individual learning style, and so there are plenty of choices for how you complete your learning, from residential courses to home-based e-learning packages. Our team of trainers are dedicated to ensuring that you have the opportunity to attend a course for every module that you need to complete. This is also a great opportunity to make new friends and to network. Our army of Training Advisers (you will hear them being referred as 'TAs') are trained to help you to make the right choices to fit your learning style, and will also help you to demonstrate what you have learned through your programme (we call this 'validation'). If you have not been allocated a TA yet then send an email to TA@midglamscouts.co.uk and we will arrange this for you.
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Area Training Manager for Crai & Merthyr Districts:
Area Training Manager: Harri Little - Email: hlittle@outlook.com
Assistant Area Training Manager (Quality): Marilyn Pryse - Email: marilynpryse@hotmail.com
Area Training Administrator: Caron Hainge - Email: training.admin@midglamscouts.co.uk
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Mid Glamorgan Area Scout Council is a UK Registered Charity No:  515965
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