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World Jamboree 2015 – contact your AAC(Scouts) and AAC(Explorer Scouts) for details Project Compass... Compass is a powerful set of online tools which will enable you to manage your Scouting administrative activities in one place on any device. It will share access to that information with relevant Scouting colleagues and offer a high level of data security. The system will streamline many tasks currently performed manually to manage Scouting so you will spend less time on administration and more time on providing great Scouting! Tasks that will be supported by the system include awarding and maintaining badges and awards, producing reports and distribution lists using member data including completing the national Scout census, assigning roles and managing young people and adults leaving, joining or transferring, managing training and events, issuing/renewing permits and vetting checks, creating, closing or merging Sections and Groups. Compass will replace the current Membership Management System and is the only online system provided by The Scout Association. It is free of charge to its users. If you have any questions about the implementation process please contact the project champion by email at Getting ready... UKHQ are in the design and development stage of the new system which will be ready to use during spring 2014. Before Compass launches across our County we need to collectively do a number of things to get ready to use the new system. Where do I start?... Whilst it is still early in this programme some simple steps now could pay dividends and save time later. Actions for everyone: Review your personal data on the current MMS (guidance below, if you don’t know how) • Amend any of your personal details that are incorrect – in particular     your email and home address and telephone numbers. • Let your District Appointments Secretary know, if your role is not   correct or missing • Let your Local Training Manager know if your training records are   wrong. Actions for GSL’s • Check that your team is correct on MMS – in particular Section     Leaders, Section Assistants, Occasional Helpers, Group Officers   (Secretary, Treasurer  & Chair), Group Executive members and   other Group roles such as advisors. • Let your District Appointments Secretary know, if anyone is missing   or can be removed. Actions for DC’s • Check that your team is correct on MMS – in particular ADCs, District Leaders, members of your Scout Active Support Units, District Officers (Secretary, Treasurer  & Chair), Executive members and other district roles such as advisors. • Let your District Appointments Secretary know, if anyone is missing or can be removed.
Mid Glamorgan Area Scout Council is a UK Registered Charity No:  515965
Scouting for all in MID GLAMORGAN AREA You might have heard that Scouting is changing. For the first time, we’re offering an additional alternative Promise that will allow those who have no faith to promise to do their best, to uphold our Scout values and to do their duty to the Queen. But what does that mean to Scouting here in Mid Glamorgan? Put simply, it means more people than ever can join Scouting. We are committed to being an inclusive organisation and we have removed barriers that might prevent those who share our values from taking part. But none of this is as new as it sounds. For nearly 50 years we have offered an additional alternative Promise for those from other faiths that is relevant to their beliefs. In addition, non-UK citizens also do not have to give their allegiance to Her Majesty the Queen but to the country where they are living.  Of course those who wish to continue to Promise to do their duty to their God can continue to do so. Part of Scouting’s role is to help young people explore their faiths and beliefs. This latest move has attracted widespread support both from within as well as outside the Movement and  is backed by faith leaders who understand the importance of Scouting being inclusive and providing amazing and surprising opportunities to both our young people and our adult members. Change has always been part of Scouting. As our Founder, Robert Baden-Powell once said, ‘Scouting is Movement, not an organisation.’ Throughout its history, Scouting has moved with the times to offer the adventure, experiences and practical skills to young people of all backgrounds. For example there are now more than 77,000 girls and young women nationally. In the last ten years, over 50 Scout groups have been formed from members drawn mainly from Muslim, Hindu and Sikh communities and many more have joined other groups too. We have removed age barriers so people can continue to volunteer in Scouting as long as they are fit and able to do so. Today Scouting is growing faster than ever, offering over 200 activities from abseiling and archery to international expeditions. We help young people grow in confidence, discover new skills and become the active citizens of tomorrow.  Our volunteers come from all walks of life and fit the fun and friendship of Scouting around their work and family commitments. So if you want to join the adventure and make a positive impact in Mid Glamorgan come and visit us at  or 
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Peter Read, Akela (CSL) of 34 years, was presented with his Silver Acorn on Thursday 26th March. The Silver Acorn was instituted in 1932 as an award to rank between the Medal of Merit and the Silver Wolf. It was originally called the Silver Medal but changed to the Silver Acorn shortly after. It was also worn on the jacket and not around the neck. It was instituted as a St George’s Day Award in 1933 and the decision for it to be worn around the neck was made around 1952 (Which can be seen around Peter Read's neck - in the middle of the picture). As well as 24 cubs there were 26 scouts and numerous adults in attendance as Peter received his award from Margaret Hopkins (DC). Ken Roderick (ADC) was present along with many other Scouting dignitaries including Peter's own Akela when he started as an Occasional Helper, Pat Doyle who started the group with her husband in their house and helpers both past and present. As a group we are looking forward to the next 34 years! Well done Peter and off to Windsor you go (don't forget to come back).
Peter Read Presentation
Source: GSL Stuart Baker of 1st Newton Llanwit Scouts
Margaret Hopkins awarded the Silver Wolf & Alex Perry Awarded the Queen's Scout Award A huge and inspirational achievement has been gained by Margaret Hopkins whom was awarded the unrestricted gift of the Chief Scout - The Silver Wolf. The Silver Wolf Award was introduced by Lord Baden- Powell and was used for recognition of adult volunteers from 1922. It is the highest award made by The Scout Association "for services of the most exceptional character." It is an unrestricted gift of the Chief Scout. The award consists of a Silver Wolf suspended from a dark green and yellow neck ribbon which can be seen in the picture below around Margaret Hopkins chest. The Silver Fox was awarded to Margaret in recognition of services to Scouting of the most exceptional nature. Margaret said "I felt very humble when I heard that I had been awarded the Silver Wolf and will treasure it". Margaret is an icon to our community, an inspirational figure to not only her beavers, her much loved Cubs and Scouts but also to her Adult community of all roles. A massive congratulations and well done from all of us within Mid Glamorgan and afar. Another momentous achievement goes to Alex Perry who has been awarded the highest award a youth member can gain. Alex received the Queen's Scout Award the same day as Margaret Hopkins. When Alex started as an explorer scout she felt as though she couldn't achieve such an award however after hard graft Alex worked her way through the Duke of Edinburgh and Scout Awards which led to Alex gaining new skills which resulted in her recent achievement. Chief Scout Bear Grylls personally classed Alex as an Elite in scouting, Alex said "this was a truly special moment". Alex contributed to some amazing causes, tasks and went through a few challenges to achieve this award, Alex mentioned "I undertook tasks/challenges such as volunteering with the Alzheimer's society, but my residential, which was enabling young women with physical and learning disabilities to be independent on an activity camp was the most challenging. However, I felt through this I learnt the most about caring for others, empathy, myself, and my future career. I attended a jamboree in Serbia and my expedition on Dartmoor which  showed me that team work and confidence in yourself helps you to achieve great things". Mike Perry whom is Alex's father and also the District Explorer Scout Commissioner for RCT praised his daughter and commented "Alex achievements as a parent have made me very proud, she has grown in confidence since starting Explorer scouts at 14 and gained numerous  life skills. In the past year she has achieved the Gold Duke of Edinburgh award and now the Queens Scout award. She is at university in Plymouth completing her degree but has continued her work with voluntary groups such as the Scouts and the Alzheimer's society. As the current District Explorer Scout Commissioner for RCT, to see and help young people achieve such high awards is a privilege. The determination and motivation such individuals like Alex exhibits motivates me to help more explorer scouts achieve such an accolade. I have now seen first-hand what gaining such awards does for the confidence of young people".
Alex Perry on the left and Margaret Hopkins on the right outside Windsor Castle.
You Shape Month is a Nationally coordinated event, that runs through the month of February 2017. You Shape Month is aimed at raising the profile of and understanding the idea of Youth Shaped Scouting. Each Section has been given their own Challenge by our Area Commissioner.  By completing the Challenge they will receive a Certificate from our Area Commissioner and wear the #You Shaped Badge. (You can order your and Badges direct from the Scout Shop & your certificates from the Area Office ). Don’t forget throughout You Shape Month, tweet your progress using the hashtag #youshape and copy in the Area twitter feed in @midglamscouts Big Thank you to the @CATVOG Youth Scout Council who designed the Commissioners Challenge, and have given us permission to run the Challenge in @midglamscouts
#You Shape Month Badge Requirements : Bever Scouts > Click here for more info. #You Shape Month Badge Requirements : Cub Scouts > Click here for more info. #You Shape Month Badge Requirements : Scouts > Click here for more info. #You Shape Month Badge Requirements : Explorers > Click here for more info.
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